Do Your Thing by Odessa

I think I’ve already said this, but On a Whim is just so me! In my last layout using this collection I went bright and bold, but this time I went a bit (just a bit) softer with more of the pink foil elements which I just adore. I haven’t seen a lot of pink foil, it was a switch from the usual gold I see in collections. And don’t forget, until the end of the month On a Whim is the featured 20% off collection at April Lili!

I just had a couple of spots for journal cards in this spread. I cut out some simple patterns from Heaps of Love and Let’s Dance to use as the base for those pockets. I then picked out some of my fav ephemera pieces and put together some cards to fill up the pockets. I just love the Do Your Thing graphic! I cut it from a larger piece of ephemera because it was the perfect size to go on this card.

I used the sticker book and sticker sheet a lot on this layout. They are both full of simple transparent and translucent words, phrases, icons and images that are great on top of photos. Like that pink foil Love This from the sticker sheet! As someone who likes to tell stories with photos (and then on them), these photos are perfect for pulling out ideas and sentiments.

And I couldn’t resist busting out those donut Thickers again! Seriously. So cute. The little bite out of the bottom of the K! I die of cute! They’re a little big on top of 3×4 photos, but with the right amount of negative space or low volume photo they are perfect for highlighting a specific word or idea in a story. And they’re just cute. It could say dirt and it would look adorable. Ha.

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